About Us

At Polar Snow and Ice Management there is nothing we value more than the relationships we foster with our customers. Choosing us means choosing reliability and an ease of mind. We focus on your needs so that you can focus on the needs of your customers and clients. Let us clear the way so that you can proceed with your day!

Our Operation Manager will perform periodic inspections of your facility at your convenience. We monitor the weather 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So before the storm hits, our crews are ready to work for you to keep your lots, sidewalks and open areas clear of snow. We continue to monitor the weather after the storm to address possible situations like melting, refreezing and drifting of snow. This practice helps maintain high standards and ensures the safety of all employees, customers, tenants and all traffic at your facility.

Some of Our Clients

Our Process

Polar Snow & Ice Management believes that preparation is a key to success. Our staff watches the local forecasts around the clock in order to be ready at a moments notice. We want to stay one step ahead of the storm, so that you will always be one step ahead of the snow. It is vital that the areas are cleared safely to insure a positive customer experience. We hold ourselves to the safety standards of the industry and strive to rise above them.

But our work doesn't stop there. Sometimes the results of clearing the snow can be just as challenging as the initial storm. We stay close to the scene to observe and react to any possible freezing of ice, or snow drift that may occur. After we clear a site we remain available for any further clearance that may be needed to guarantee that it remains usable. This order of procedures is effective and has allowed us to become known for our trustworthy service.


In order to complete the job with no doubts as to its quality, the proper equipment and machinery must be used. We spare no expense to make sure that we are able to properly handle numerous scenarios. Having equipment is not enough, it is important to have the correct equipment. This allows the jobs to be done thoroughly and with maximum efficiency. No two locations are the same. That is why we scout each area in order to construct a plan of attack that will alleviate the situation for user safety and customer satisfaction.



Communication in any relationship is an intricate part of its success. Snow and ice removal is no exception. We understand this better than anybody in the business. We are a very technologically savvy company that provides a number of forms of communication so that you can keep in touch with us. This includes phone numbers directly to our team around the clock as well as our e-mail correspondence which is fast and current. Throughout the process we keep you in the loop. We relay all information that you need to know. When we receive it, we report it.