Polar Snow & Ice Management Company specializes in providing clients with complete snow and ice management services including:
  • Snow Clearing and Removal
  • Snow relocation
  • De-Icing
We also offer parking lot sweeping, pressure washing and landscaping.


Due to the shifting weather conditions at our various locations, Polar Snow utilizes a diverse arsenal of environmentally responsible materials.


Triple Melt is our liquid melt of choice. Applied to the side walks and traffic areas prior to a storm, prevents the bonding of snow and ice to your concrete.

Treated Salt

Fusion liquid de-icer is used to treat our salt, reducing bounce and scatter, keeping a higher ratio of salt on the surfaces. Fusion enhances quality and longevity of salt applications.


(Calcium, Magnesium, Acetate) is provided for clients who want to avoid chlorides on their concrete. CMA is the only product approved for new concrete.

Ice Melt

We use the highest quality ice melt available, Professional Ice Melter. PIM melts more, melts faster and at lower temperatures. Upon request, we also provide Winter Green Ice Melter, proven to enhance all grass and shrub areas often damaged by other products.
Rock Salt Safer than Salt - Premium Ice Melter with Corrosion Inhibitor
Safer than Salt - Premium Performance Ice Melter Safer than Salt - Commercial Ice Melter
Calcium Chloride Pellets